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Earl Stafford:
Earl Stafford is a well known conductor in Canada, having worked with orchestras across the country, including Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, the Calgary Philharmonic, and the National Arts Centre Orchestra. Since 1997 he has been the Artistic Director of the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra. As well, he has been the Music Director of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet since 1984 - a position which has allowed him to tour extensively across Canada and internationally.

     Earl's interest in contemporary music led him to create the highly successful Festival of New Music with the Saskatoon Symphony. This festival has featured works by many Canadian composers including R. Murray Schafer, Michael Conway Baker, Neil Currie, and Elizabeth Raum.

His skills have praised by critics in musical centres around the world:

Stuttgarter Zeitung, June 16, 1990:
Top class performers from all over the world - RWB performance of Astor Piazolla's Five Tangos, arranged by Earl Stafford. "However, where the Canadians seem to have the advantage over all the Europeans in this ballet is the accompaniment... how much hotter and more aggressive the Astor Piazzolla sounds." - Horst Koegler

Winnipeg Free Press, Thursday, March 8, 1990:
"The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, superbly conducted by Earl Stafford, does justice to the great music of Prokofiev." - Neil Harris

Rheinische Post-Neuss, the Netherlands, June 8, 1990:
A lot of fun with Haydn from Canada "The music of Astor Piazzolla, conducted by Earl Stafford, (from the piano)...glowed with erotic flair." - Ria Theens

The Globe and Mail, Tuesday, May 21, 1991:
"The program featured some sterling work from Earl Stafford and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Debussy's Nuages drifted by with just the right amount of weightless solemnity." - Robert Everett-Green

Saskatoon Star Phoenix, October 19, 1998:
Fialkowska's confidence shines through. "The orchestra performed Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra with style and polish. Conductor Earl Stafford beamed when he came out for a second bow, as the orchestra stamped their feet in appreciation. Stafford deserves credit for the flow of Saturday's performance, particularly the balance of the Chopin concerto." - Jenni Mortin

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